Pharaohs of the Bible: 4004-960 B.C.

This breakthrough book stays true to the historical facts recorded in the Holy Bible and the historical artifacts of Egypt, and supports how the two are linked. Hundreds of maps, charts, and pictures simplify the complexity and immensity of the data. Three appendices provide further details and analyses.


Genesis Solves Sumerian King List

Synchronizes the kings and clues of the Sumerian King List with ancient Biblical history. The list has a reference to the Biblical flood; “After the flood had swept over, and the kingship had descended from heaven, the kingship was in Kish.” With 30 pictures and over 70 charts, Genesis Solves Sumerian King List is simple enough for the novice to follow, yet robust with over 500 footnotes for the scholar.


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Interactive Time Line

To move the timeline: use the mouse scroll wheel, the arrow keys, or grab and drag the timeline. Drag a small, dark timeline to scroll fast. Drag the other timelines for detail.
The timelines:  Israel,  Egypt,  Mesopotamia,  Rome/Greece/Turkey,  all others. Click on bars or events for more information.